Displayed items that are re-purposed, recycled and organic:

  • Wall art is made from recycled neckties and kimonos.

  • Sofa is constructed with 100% natural latex, wood and cotton batting.  The fabric was made with a low impact dye.

  • Coffee table is made out of an old pigeon cage. Wheels were added and topped with a piece of glass.

  • Antique rugs from Turkey.

  • All wood pieces are made of reclaimed teak wood from India.  The wood has been cleaned and restored and are not treated with any stains.

  • Dining table is made of recycled steel.

  • All pottery is lead free pottery from Mexico.

  • The mattress is made with 100% natural latex, wood and cotton batting.  No fire retardants are added.

  • Hanging artwork from local artist Karen Sikie.  She used reclaimed, recycled and discontinued papers to make the wall hangings.  In addition, all of the paint, glue and sealers that were used are environmentally friendly and water based.  Artwork is entitled "Willow" and "Winter Branch".

  • Artwork from local artist Mark Venaglia who creates bright and vibrant works of art on organic muslin using casein fresco, a paint that is low impact, low inherent energy in production and easy on the planet.

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